Abuja Landlords Kidnapped at Gunpoint, N20 Million Ransom Demanded

Two landlords in the Asokoro extension area of Abuja were abducted by gunmen on Sunday night. The kidnappers are asking for N20 million to release the hostages, according to Punch Newspaper.

The incident occurred around 11 pm, when one of the landlords was sleeping outside his house due to the heat. The gunmen approached him with a gun and forced him to take them to his house. However, they were not satisfied with his house and decided to target another house nearby. They made him knock on the gate of the other house, where he was known as a neighbour. The gate was opened and the gunmen entered the house and kidnapped the second landlord.

The other victim was returning home on a motorcycle after having issues with his car. He was about to enter his house when the gunmen attacked him and whisked him away.

Daily24Apps reports that a source who identified himself as James revealed the details of the kidnap. He said that the kidnappers contacted the families of the victims two hours after the operation and demanded N10 million for each landlord. One of the families pleaded to pay N2 million and assured them that they would get it almost immediately, but the kidnappers rejected the offer and threatened to kill the hostage if the full amount was not paid.

The Commander of Asokoro Vigilante Group of Nigeria, Mohammed Seidu, confirmed the development and said that the police were working with them to rescue the victims. He appealed to the public to provide any useful information that could lead to the arrest of the kidnappers and the release of the hostages.

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