Akpabio Under Fire Over ‘Attack’ On Fubara At Wigwe’s Funeral

Senate President, Godswill Akpabio, is currently trending on social media following his response to comments made by Governor Siminalayi Fubara of Rivers State at the funeral of the former Chief Executive Officer of Access Holdings, Herbert Wigwe, his wife and son.

Naija News reported that the Rivers governor, during his speech at the funeral service, had asked politicians who attended Wigwe’s funeral the essence of their struggle for power.

Fubara said the late Wigwe was rich, had everything going for him and also impacted lives but he still died at the end.

He said: “What is this struggle all about? You want to kill, you want to bury, what is it all about? Is it not enough today to ask ourselves why are we struggling?

“Why are we not making an impact in the lives of our people? Please, political class, let’s go home with that question, and be answering it in our minds, and reflecting it in what we do.”

Reacting to Fubara’s comments while giving his speech and tribute, Akpabio said if there is nothing in the struggle for politics, the governor should remove himself from the acclaimed struggle.

“…Then you will ask yourself, just like Governor Fubara said, what is the struggle all about? Your excellency, Governor Fubara, if there is nothing in the struggle, don’t struggle.”

Following the development, some netizens took to social media to berate the Senate President over his response to the ‘harmful’ comments made by Governor Fubara.

See some of the reactions below.

@Morris_Monye wrote: “Nigerian Politicians turned Wigwe’s funeral into a sparring match.

“You can hear the corruption in Akpabio’s voice when he said this office does not have money.”

@KadunaResident wrote: “The lead pastor in today’s burial ceremony replies Akpabio’s show of shame in a burial ceremony.”

@chukwuemekaDoz3 wrote: “APC changes people fast. Akpabio has become a shadow of himself.”

@alimnonu wrote: “The word “Senate” is from Latin “senex,” meaning old or elderly. This is why the Senate is called the upper chamber. It is for seniors and elders. Though Akpabio is in the Senate, he has proven to be infantile to belong there. He is indeed not an elder.”

@EnergizeBen wrote: “It was a strong and powerful message from Sim, but Akpabio turned it into politics. To be called a leader, one must have a fear of God.”

@Mykoladoo wrote: “Perfect message !!! Akpabio is yet to conquer greed and thinks he will live forever.”

@xamhry wrote: “Akpabio is greed personified, him and Wike have become epitomes of insatiable quest for power, greed and control! But one day na 6feets go end am.”

@safda wrote: “Akpabio needs to know it’s not all about politics. Is life and death matter.”

@AdamsMuyiwa wrote: “Thank you Pastor. Akpabio, is one of those elders with children’s ideas. So shameful he’s the Senate President.”

Source: Naija News

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