Bandits Kidnap Bride and 55 Guests, Demand N100 Million Ransom

A group of armed bandits has caused terror and grief in Katsina State, Nigeria, after kidnapping a bride and 55 of her wedding guests on their way to her new home.

The bandits, who wore police uniforms, ambushed the wedding convoy at Damari, Sabuwa LGA, last Thursday and opened fire on the travellers.

They killed four vigilantes who tried to protect the bride and her companions, and took the rest of the women as hostages.

The bandits have since released a video on social media, where they threatened to force the bride to marry one of them and sell the other women as slaves if their ransom demand of N100 million was not met.

The video showed the gang leader, who claimed to be the mastermind of the abduction, boasting that no one could rescue the women from his clutches.

The families of the victims are in anguish and despair, as they have no means to raise such a huge amount of money.

They have appealed to the authorities and the public to help them secure the release of their loved ones. The incident has sparked outrage and condemnation from various quarters, as it exposes the worsening insecurity and lawlessness in the country.

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