Blackout: FG targets 6,000MW in 6months

Nigeria’s power sector is set to undergo a significant transformation with the government’s ambitious plan to increase power generation to 6,000 megawatts within the next three to six months. This initiative is a direct response to the nationwide decline in electricity supply and aims to exceed the country’s previous peak generation capacity.

Adebayo Adelabu, the Minister of Power, announced the strategy during a key meeting in Abuja, emphasizing the critical need to enhance the current 4,000MW capacity, which he deemed insufficient. He pinpointed the Electricity Distribution Companies (Discos) as the primary bottleneck in the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry, calling for a rigorous performance mandate to ensure an uptick in electricity distribution.

Reflecting on past achievements, Minister Adelabu recalled a time when Nigeria reached a generation zenith of 5,700MW. He confirmed that the generating companies possess the necessary installed capacity, which remains largely underutilized due to gas shortages. With a renewed focus on securing gas supplies, the minister is confident in achieving the 6,000MW target.

Distribution remains the linchpin in this equation, being the final delivery point to consumers. Minister Adelabu stressed the importance of rectifying distribution challenges to make a tangible impact on the nation’s electricity supply. The government’s proactive stance signals a new era of commitment to resolving power distribution woes and illuminating the path to a brighter, more energy-secure Nigeria.

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