Ex-AGF Adoke Cleared of All Charges in High-Stakes Legal Victory

In a landmark decision, the Federal Capital Territory High Court, presided over by Justice Abubakar Kutigi, has exonerated Mohammed Bello Adoke, the ex-Attorney-General of the Federation, from all allegations of misconduct. The court’s verdict effectively nullifies the accusations of fraud, bribery, and conspiracy that had been levied against him.

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), which had brought forth the charges, found its case unraveling as it struggled to provide concrete evidence to support its claims. As a result, Adoke’s legal team’s argument of a “no case” submission was upheld, leading to his complete acquittal.

The ruling marks a significant turn in a case that has captured the nation’s attention, with Adoke now free from the charges that once cast a shadow over his career. The court meticulously examined the purported illegal tax waivers to Shell and Eni, only to find no substantiation from the Federal Inland Revenue Service or any other official body.

Moreover, the specific charge that Adoke had accepted a bribe of N300 million was dismissed due to a lack of proof. This outcome not only clears Adoke’s name but also potentially concludes the prolonged legal battles surrounding the contentious OPL 245 oil field issue, which has seen Nigeria embroiled in various legal challenges both domestically and internationally.

In a notable admission, the EFCC conceded the insufficiency of evidence against Adoke and the other defendants, with the exception of Rasky Gbinigie, whose forgery charges related to corporate documents remain under scrutiny.

This high-profile case’s resolution may well set a precedent for future legal proceedings, emphasizing the necessity for solid evidence in the pursuit of justice.

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