Fire Service Rescues Man From Committing Suicide Amidst N2 Million Debt Crisis

A 37-year-old man, Saifullah Rabiu, was saved from taking his own life by the Kano State Fire Service on Thursday. Rabiu had tried to hang himself on a tree after leaving a suicide note that revealed his financial woes.

Rabiu had incurred a debt of N2 million in his quest for a foreign visa, and was unable to pay it back. He had managed to return only N500,000 of the amount, but was still harassed and humiliated by his creditor. This pushed him to the brink of despair and made him contemplate ending his life.

The fire service spokesman, Saminu Abdullahi, said they received a distress call from the Ministry of Works and Housing, Kano State, around 10:07 am, informing them of the incident at the State Road by Nasarawa Emir’s house. They quickly dispatched a team of personnel to the scene, who arrived at 10:10 am and found Rabiu in a critical condition, hanging from a tree.

They rescued him and handed him over to the Divisional Crime Officer (D.C.O) Zaharaddini of the Farm Centre Police Division for further investigations.

This is a sad and alarming story of how a man was driven to the edge by his debt burden. We commend the fire service for their timely intervention and hope that Rabiu will receive the necessary support and assistance.

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