Hardship In The Land: Things tough, challenging under Tinubu – APC admits

In a candid acknowledgment, the All Progressives Congress (APC) sheds light on the challenging times Nigerians face under President Bola Tinubu’s administration. However, according to Felix Morka, the National Publicity Secretary of APC, the tough situation is not exclusive to Nigeria, as countries in Europe grapple with similar circumstances.

In an exclusive interview with Channels Television, Morka emphasized that the administration is earnestly addressing the rising cost of living, acknowledging the difficulties faced by the people. He drew parallels with European farmers protesting against challenging conditions, highlighting the global nature of the predicament.

Morka urged a broader perspective, stating, “Our people are dealing with circumstances that are difficult and challenging. Nobody is in denial.” He underlined the administration’s commitment to navigating these tough times and questioned the urgency of critiquing as if the government were already in its eighth year, while it is merely in the early stages of a four-year mandate.

This candid assessment provides insight into the complex challenges faced not only by Nigerians but also by nations globally. The APC aims to navigate these difficulties, fostering understanding and collaboration as the administration works towards improving the socio-economic landscape.

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