How a Malian Miner Caused a Deadly Explosion in Ibadan

On Tuesday night, a massive explosion rocked the Bodija Housing Estate in Ibadan, Oyo State, killing two people, injuring several others, and destroying property worth millions of naira. The blast was so powerful that it collapsed three houses and left a huge crater in the ground.

The culprit behind this tragedy was a Malian national who was involved in illegal mining activities in some parts of Oyo State. According to some residents of the street where the incident occurred, the Malian had been living in the house where he stored the explosives for some years. He and his family fled the scene when they noticed the fire that ignited the explosives.

The Malian was not the only foreigner in the area. Many residents said that most of the houses in the estate were occupied by Malians who had bought them from Nigerians. They said that the Malians were engaged in illegal mining in the Oke Ogun area, where they used explosives such as dynamites to extract minerals.

The residents also said that they were afraid to speak out because of the threat of attacks from the Malians. They said that the Malian who caused the explosion had moved to the estate after he was petitioned by his former tenants for his illegal activities. They said that they found some documents that confirmed this after the explosion blew them away.

The Oyo State Governor, Seyi Makinde, visited the site of the explosion and expressed his shock and sympathy. He said that the state had deployed first responders and relevant agencies to carry out search and rescue operations. He also said that the state would cover the medical bills of the injured and provide temporary accommodation for the displaced.

He vowed that the state would investigate the incident and bring those responsible to justice. He said that the state would not tolerate illegal mining and the use of explosives in residential areas. He urged the residents to cooperate with the authorities and report any suspicious activities.

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