How Social Media Regulation Can Save Nigeria From Chaos – Tinubu

Social media has become a powerful tool for communication, but also a source of many problems in Nigeria. President Bola Tinubu, who spoke at a book launch in Lagos on February 8, 2024, said that social media must be regulated to prevent the spread of fake and harmful information that threatens the peace and stability of the country.

He said that social media users often do not realize the impact of their posts, which can reach millions of people across the globe and cause serious damage to the society and the individuals involved. He cited the recent cases of violence and unrest in some states, which were fueled by false and inflammatory messages on social media platforms.

President Tinubu said that his government is committed to ensuring that the citizens are well-informed and engaged in the governance process, but that this requires a common understanding of what is true and what is not. He said that the government needs to establish a clear and consistent framework for news dissemination on social media, which will protect the rights and interests of the people, as well as the national security and sovereignty.

He also stressed the importance of data in policy making, saying that no developing country can achieve its goals without reliable and relevant data. He said that his administration is dedicated to engaging in evidence-based discussion and data-reliant decision-making, which will enable the country to grow and prosper. He said that accurate data is essential for better policy formulation and execution, as well as for monitoring and evaluation of the government’s performance.

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