I appreciate Wike but can’t worship him – Gov Fubara

In a meeting with a delegation from Bayelsa State, led by former governor Henry Seriake Dickson, Governor Fubara of Rivers State reaffirmed his stance against elevating individuals to the status of deities, even if they played a role in his ascent to power.

Fubara emphasized the importance of recognizing human agency while acknowledging divine intervention in the affairs of men. He highlighted the need to distinguish between human assistance and divine providence, cautioning against the deification of mortal beings.

While acknowledging the contributions of past leaders, particularly Nyesom Wike, Fubara underscored his unwavering commitment to peaceful conflict resolution, despite facing resistance from opposing factions. He expressed disappointment at the rejection of reconciliation efforts and reaffirmed his dedication to maintaining peace and fostering development in the state.

Regarding the political crisis that has plagued Rivers State, Fubara reiterated his role as a peacemaker, emphasizing the futility of political infighting in the face of pressing developmental challenges. He stressed the importance of setting the record straight and resolving minor disputes before they escalate into full-blown crises.

Despite wielding considerable state power, Fubara emphasized restraint and maturity in handling the situation, prioritizing the welfare of the state and its people above personal or political agendas. He emphasized the need for a conducive environment for development, highlighting his commitment to building upon the foundation laid by past leaders for the benefit of Rivers State.

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