Insecurity: We’re in trouble, Wike doesn’t care if people live in FCT – Senator Kingibe

In a bold stance against the perceived indifference of FCT Minister Nyesom Wike, Senator Ireti Kingibe, representing the Federal Capital Territory, spoke out on Sunday during an event marking the first anniversary of the 2023 presidential election in Abuja. Kingibe expressed concern over Wike’s apparent “I don’t care attitude,” emphasizing that the minister seems oblivious to the needs and concerns of the people residing in the nation’s capital.

Addressing the gathering organized by activist Moses Paul, Senator Ireti Kingibe highlighted the urgency of addressing the current state of the nation, describing it as critical. She pointed out the challenges faced by the residents, including the impact of insecurity on daily life, restricting activities such as farming.

“As the highest elected official in the FCT, I find it troubling to work with a minister who fails to recognize the existence of people in the FCT,” said Kingibe. Despite the challenges, she expressed determination, stating that the “Obidients” (presumably referring to the people) would find a way to navigate the situation.

“We, as a nation, are in trouble, and we need to start planning and organizing ourselves as quickly as possible. Insecurity is on the verge of consuming us, affecting our ability to engage in essential activities. It’s time for us to take charge,” she asserted, calling for collective action to address the pressing issues facing the Federal Capital Territory.

Senator Ireti Kingibe’s remarks underscore the need for proactive measures in response to the challenges confronting the FCT, emphasizing the importance of community organization and planning to overcome the current critical conditions.

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