Labour Union Demands $300 Living Wage for Nigerian Workers Amid Economic Crisis

The Labour Union has called for a drastic increase in the minimum wage of Nigerian workers to $300 (N436,500) as the country faces a severe economic crisis. The current minimum wage of N30,000 is no longer enough to meet the basic needs of the workers, the Union said.

The proposal was made by Comrade Benjamin Anthony, the Chairman of the Trade Union Side of the Joint Meeting of the National Public Service Negotiating Council (JNPSNC), at the 2023 meetings of the Separate and Joint National Public Service Negotiating Council in Goshen City, Nasarawa State, on Tuesday.

Anthony, who spoke through the Secretary of the Union, Comrade Boma Mohammed, attributed the need for a higher wage to the depreciation of the naira and the rising cost of living. He said that the purchasing power of the workers has been eroded by inflation and devaluation.

He also expressed dissatisfaction with the delay in the payment of salaries by the Federal Government to workers, urging the government to pay the arrears of the N35,000 wage award and expedite the process of negotiating a new living wage for the workers.

He said, “In light of the above, Labour has proposed a Living Wage of $300 (N436,500) for Nigerian Workers. This is due to the fall in the value of our currency, today if you carry N100,000 to the market you will come back with a leather bag of items.

“We call on Government to immediately pay the arrears of the N35,000 wage award along with the current and expedited action on the process of getting a new living wage to bring succour to the working class people.”

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