Nigerian Army Detains Soldier Who Complained About N50,000 Salary and High Transport Fare

A Nigerian soldier who vented his frustration over his low salary and high transport fare in a viral video has been detained by the Nigerian Army. The soldier, who is stationed in Maiduguri, Borno State, said he could not afford to visit his family after spending one year in the bush fighting insurgents.

According to Newsflash Nigeria, the soldier was given a pass to go home but was shocked to learn that the transport fare to his town was N35,000, which is more than half of his monthly salary of N50,000. He said he had no choice but to forfeit his trip and return to the barracks.

However, his video did not sit well with the army authorities, who considered it embarrassing and disrespectful. Sahara Reporters reported that the soldier has been locked up in the guardroom and may face disciplinary action.

The soldier’s plight has drawn attention to the poor remuneration and welfare of Nigerian soldiers and military officers, who risk their lives to defend the nation’s sovereignty and security. The Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), General Christopher Musa, recently admitted that the military personnel earn less than N50,000 per month, while those on operations get N1,200 for daily feeding.

The CDS, however, praised the soldiers and officers for their patriotism and professionalism, and said they deserve better salaries and incentives. He said he was working with the government to improve the conditions of service and morale of the military.

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