Pastor Adeboye’s Controversial Prophecy Sparks Outrage Online

Pastor Enoch Adeboye, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), has faced a lot of backlash on social media over a prophecy he made to his congregation. In a video that went viral, the pastor said that everyone at the service would become so blessed that their colleagues and relatives would come to them for food and assistance. He said this was a sign of God’s favor and abundance.

However, many Nigerians did not find this prophecy appealing or inspiring. They accused the pastor of being insensitive, selfish, and wicked. They wondered why a man of God would pray for others to suffer and depend on his followers. They also questioned the morality and integrity of the RCCG, which has been linked to some corrupt politicians and government officials.

The video, which was originally posted on Pastor Adeboye’s Twitter account, was later deleted after it received a lot of negative comments and reactions. Some users speculated that the RCCG was trying to cover up the blunder and avoid further criticism. Others mocked the pastor and his church for their lack of wisdom and compassion.

Here are some of the tweets that expressed their displeasure and disappointment with the pastor and his prophecy:

@prayz027 wrote: “RCCG were so quick to delete this video. But why?”
@FS_Yusuf_ wrote: “Una no gree for RCCG; dem don kuku delete the tweet.”
@__communicator_ wrote: “See the kind of prayer that Pastor E. A Adeboye of RCCG makes in 2024.”
@IamThatNaijaGuy wrote: “RCCG posted this and deleted it thereafter. How does a man of God, even make this kind of prayer? So they are happy seeing others come to beg for food. Nawa oo”
@ogechikero wrote: “That RCCG video is one of the things wrong with Christianity. How can people shout AMEN to a prophecy about “your colleagues coming to you for food”? So God is not for your colleagues????”
@Emmybosscfr wrote: “This is the reason RCCG is trending. Imagine having a full family as a congregation?”
@TrendingEx wrote: “RCCG is trending because of this video and post they made and quickly deleted when the cooking started. In the post, Pastor Adeboye prayed that “Your colleagues will beg you for food” and his congregation screamed AMEN.”
@AGINAS wrote: “Adeboye is a wicked and mean Pastor. He wants people begging like dogs. This is not the mind of God. My friends, Colleagues and family will not beg. As God blesses me, he will bless them. RCCG is a demonic coven.”
@eduhandsome_ wrote: “Year in and year out, RCCG releases demons into government who aid corruption and corrupt politicians ruin the lives of the Nigerian citizens. You can imagine the kind of prayers 🤲🏾 this man is giving to these gullible people Oh newsflash. They took it down. Shame, shame shame”

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