Public Outrage Over Policewoman Helping Osun First Lady’s Wife With Earrings

A video that went viral on X has sparked a heated debate among Nigerians over the role and conduct of security personnel in public.

The video shows a female police officer assisting the wife of Titilayo Adeleke, the First Lady of Osun State, to put on her earrings.

Many Nigerians on X expressed their displeasure and disappointment with the policewoman, saying that she was demeaning herself and her profession by engaging in such a trivial and unofficial task.

They argued that public servants, especially police officers, should uphold a high standard of professionalism and focus on their primary duties of maintaining law and order, rather than serving as personal aides or househelps to VIPs.

Some of the comments from X users are:

  • Didabliz: “Is it the person using them that should be blamed or the force that allows it?”
  • OAKay_1: “Pocket change and unnecessary expectations are why a police officer is carrying bags, doing menial tasks, etc for their VIPs. Professionalism would lose you a few Naira but you’d be respected for sticking to your original assigned tasks. Imagine training worldwide to be househelp”.

However, some Nigerians on X defended the policewoman, saying that there was nothing wrong with helping a fellow woman to look good

They suggested that the policewoman and the First Lady’s wife might have a personal friendship or a cordial relationship that goes beyond their official roles.

They also pointed out that the policewoman was a human being, not a robot, and that she had the right to express her kindness and generosity.

Some of the comments from X users are:

  • Sir_ClEMENTI0: “They might be friends.”
  • Zaliatishiaku: “But she’s her aid and they probably have a personal friendship. The policewoman is a human being, not a robot so I see no problem helping her to glam up.”
  • ireti_ola1: “Una just get problem for dis country… I see nothing wrong here”.
  • may_jor_keys: “E no mean anything just a lady helping another Nigerian lady, make una rest”.
  • presh_ocean: “I don’t see anything bad in helping one out”.

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