Tragic Death of Nigerian Skitmaker Churchill While Filming a Basketball Stunt

A Nigerian skitmaker, known as Churchill, has lost his life in a freak accident while filming a basketball stunt at a court. The incident, which happened on Tuesday, has shocked and saddened many of his fans and fellow comedians.

Daily24Apps reports that Churchill was trying to jump and touch the basketball net when he dropped his phone on the ground. He then fell and hit his head on the hard surface. He was rushed to the hospital, but he did not survive.

A video of the tragic moment has gone viral on social media, showing the last seconds of Churchill’s life. Many people have expressed their condolences and tributes to the young and talented skitmaker, who had made many people laugh with his humorous videos.

My Family Are The Pioneers Of Anglican Church In Nigeria, But I Prefer Juju – Seun Kuti

In other news, Grammy-nominated Afrobeat singer, Seun Kuti has said that his family started the Anglican Church in Nigeria.

Seun Kuti: I’m a Juju Worshipper, Not a Christian In a related development, Seun Kuti, the Grammy-nominated Afrobeat singer and son of the late Fela Kuti, has revealed that he is not a Christian, despite his family’s history of founding the Anglican Church in Nigeria.

Daily24Apps reports that Seun Kuti made this revelation in an interview with the Spill With Phyna podcast. He said that his great-grandfather, Josiah Ransome-Kuti, and his grandfather, Reverend Israel Oludotun Ransome-Kuti, were Anglican ministers who helped to spread Christianity in colonial Nigeria.

However, Seun Kuti said that he does not follow the religion of his ancestors, but rather practices juju, a traditional African religion that involves the use of charms and magic. He said that he believes in the power of nature and the ancestors, and that he wants other Africans to embrace their indigenous faiths.



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