VIDEO: How Kogi’s New Deputy Governor Prostrate Before Yahaya Bello After Swearing-In

In a surprising display of political gestures, Kogi State Deputy Governor, Salifu Joel Oyibo, took a humbling stance by prostrating before the immediate past governor, Yahaya Bello, during a ceremony on Saturday. The symbolic act extended to Oyibo’s wife, who knelt before Bello and his wife right after the deputy governor was sworn in.

The inauguration ceremony, marked by the administration of the oath of office by Chief Judge Justice Josiah Majebi, witnessed an unexpected show of respect. Following the oath, Oyibo and his wife approached Bello, offering a gesture of humility by prostrating before the former governor.

Oyibo, along with Governor Usman Ododo, emerged victorious in the November 2023 governorship election. However, Ododo wasted no time in making his initial appointments, retaining Bello’s loyalists, nephew, and some commissioners in key positions. Notably, Ali Bello, currently facing allegations of a N3 billion fraud, was appointed as the Chief of Staff.

The political landscape in Kogi State takes on a nuanced dimension with these symbolic gestures and strategic appointments, setting the tone for the dynamics of the new administration. As Oyibo assumes his role alongside Governor Ododo, the actions and choices made in these early stages will undoubtedly shape the trajectory of leadership in the state.

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