VIDEO: Pastor Stops Wedding Over Absence of Bride’s Family Members

A dramatic scene unfolded at a local church when Pastor Gospel Agochukwu put a wedding on hold because the bride’s family members were nowhere to be found. The bride and groom, who had walked down the aisle ready to say “I do”, were stunned by the pastor’s decision.

Pastor Agochukwu insisted that a male relative of the bride had to be present to give her away in marriage, as a sign of respect and honour. He said that family bonds were crucial in marriage, and that every bride deserved to have her relatives witness and support her union.

The bride and groom did not give up on their dream wedding, and waited patiently as the church staff tried to contact the bride’s family. After some time, the bride’s mother and brother showed up, and apologized for their delay. With their arrival, the wedding resumed, and the couple exchanged their vows happily.

Watch the video here:

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