VIDEO: We Were Shouting That It Was Yoruba’s Turn To Rule, Now Our Life Has Become Miserable –Tinubu ‘Supporter’ Cries Out

A Nigerian man has expressed his frustration over the economic situation in the country in a viral video.

The man, who spoke in Yoruba, ranted about the high cost of food items and the difficulty of making ends meet.
He slammed custom officials for seizing some goods from Nigerians who were trying to earn a living.

He accused the officials of worsening the problem in the country.

The man questioned the rationale for removing subsidy when the people could hardly cope with the consequences.
He remembered how he urged his children, wife, students and well-wishers to vote for President Bola Tinubu in the 2023 election.

He said, “Tinubu, I ordered all my children, wife, students, and well-wishers to vote for you, we were saying it was Yoruba’s turn but Yoruba got there and life became miserable for everyone.

“All of you making life hard for Nigerians will not end well. if you want to arrest me, please come; I am in Ikire in Oyo State”

Watch the video here:


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