Yoruba Actor Olaiya Igwe Apologizes for Praying Naked for Tinubu Amid Economic Crisis

Olaiya Igwe, a veteran actor in the Yoruba movie industry, has apologized to Nigerians for his controversial act of praying naked for President Bola Tinubu at the beach in 2023. The actor said he was acting on a divine revelation and wanted to show gratitude to Tinubu, who he regarded as his benefactor.

However, his act backfired as he faced severe criticism from Nigerians who blamed him for contributing to the election of Tinubu, who they accused of mismanaging the economy and causing hardship for the masses. The actor said he was sorry for his mistake and pleaded for forgiveness from Nigerians.

He also urged Tinubu to listen to the cries of Nigerians and fulfill his promises to them. He suggested that Tinubu should appoint a monitoring team to oversee the performance of his appointees and ensure they deliver on his plans and policies.

The actor made his apology in a video titled “apologies to all my fans”, which he posted on his YouTube page. His apology came days after another Tinubu’s supporter and musician, Kwam 1, expressed his dissatisfaction with the current economic situation in Nigeria.

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