Yoruba Actress Bisola Badmus Reveals Her Struggle with a Rare Brain Disorder

Bisola Badmus, a popular actress in the Yoruba movie industry, has shared her experience of living with a rare brain disorder called Encephalopathy. She made this revelation on her Instagram page, where she celebrated her birthday and thanked God for sparing her life.

Encephalopathy is a term that describes any condition that affects the brain’s function or structure. It can cause symptoms such as confusion, memory loss, personality changes, seizures, and coma. Encephalopathy can be caused by various factors, such as infections, toxins, trauma, or lack of oxygen.

Badmus said that she had been suffering from Encephalopathy for over a year and that it was a tough challenge that forced her to stay away from social media. She also said that she lost her mother during this period and that she was grateful to God for giving her another chance to celebrate her birthday.

She wrote: “Over a year now I have been battling with health issues (Encephalopathy). I cannot even wish my enemy such illness. It was a tough one indeed that made me stay away from social media. In between, I lost my precious mother.

“Unquestionable God, I thank you for everything particularly for me to witness yet another birthday. I will be an ungrateful soul if I fail to appreciate my family and friends, colleagues in the industry, business associates and the brands I represent for standing by me during the challenging period. Thank you all.”

Badmus also shared some stunning photos of herself in a red dress and a crown, looking radiant and happy. She received many congratulatory messages and prayers from her fans and fellow celebrities, who wished her a happy birthday and a speedy recovery.

Badmus is a talented actress who has featured in many Yoruba movies, such as Omo Ghetto, Omo Oloja, Omo Alhaja, and Omo Oluweri. She is also a producer and a brand ambassador for some companies.

We wish her a happy birthday and a healthy life ahead.

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