Nigerians Express Outrage Over Lagos Filling Station’s ₦1000, ₦2500 Charges Amid Fuel Scarcity

A Total gas station located in Idi-Iroko, Lagos State, faces criticism for reportedly overcharging customers amidst Nigeria’s ongoing fuel scarcity.

According to a viral video on TikTok, customers queued up with jerry cans, allegedly compelled to pay inflated prices for fuel.

The footage reveals charges of ₦1,000 for five liters and ₦2,500 for 25 liters, well above standard rates, with the station insisting on upfront payment.

The uploader accused the station of exploiting public desperation for fuel, lamenting, “They demand payment before dispensing fuel. Then they blame the Nigerian government for price hikes.”

This incident underscores the fuel scarcity issue affecting Nigeria, causing significant hardship for citizens.

The uploader appealed to the Nigerian government for intervention, urging action against those “preying on fellow Nigerians.”

While the video suggests government efforts to address the crisis, it also points to local profiteering contributing to price hikes.

Nigerians demand swift regulation to curb price gouging, especially during scarcity periods.

As of now, there’s been no official response from the filling station or Total’s corporate offices.

The incident sparked widespread reactions on social media.

Responding, @Ssokid noted similar practices at @nnpclimited stations, expressing discontent.

Benjamin Chiedu criticized government policies exacerbating Nigeria’s hardships.

@OyoforPO sarcastically referenced taxes, echoing frustrations.

Anthony J. Ologunleko questioned government taxation practices.

Ebun Daso called for protests against exploitation and extortion.

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