Nigerians React to Governor’s ₦10,000 Salary Increase for Workers

During the 2024 Workers Day celebration at Pa Oruta Ngele Stadium in Abakaliki, Governor Francis Nwifuru of Ebonyi State announced an additional ₦10,000 to the salaries of state workers.

This move follows a similar increase made in July 2023, just a month after assuming office, where the governor augmented salaries by ₦10,000 and pledged to prioritize worker welfare.

In his address, Governor Nwifuru reiterated his commitment to maintaining a conducive working environment and fostering industrial harmony to enhance workforce productivity and governance.

Public Reaction

While some citizens commended the gesture, others criticized it, deeming the increment insufficient. Social media users expressed varying opinions, with some questioning the adequacy of the initial salaries and others comparing the increase to living expenses.

Opinions ranged from skepticism about the impact of the increment on livelihoods to commendation for the Ebonyi State government’s efforts.

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