School Shut For One Week Over Death Of Four-Year-Old Pupil in Abuja

Brickhall School in Abuja has closed its doors for a week in response to the tragic passing of four-year-old pupil, Miguel Ovoke, whose distressing demise shook the community last week.

According to a medical report from Excel Specialist Hospital, Miguel choked on a piece of meat during a school meal, leading to his sudden deterioration.

Despite immediate efforts by the school’s nurse, Miguel arrived at the hospital in critical condition. The report, signed by Dr. Akinwande Ajayi, indicated nonreactive pupils, undetectable blood pressure, and the absence of cardiopulmonary activity, rendering resuscitation attempts futile. The hospital declared him “Brought in Dead.”

In a joint statement from the school management and Parents Teacher’s Forum, profound condolences were extended to Miguel’s family. The statement highlighted Miguel’s tragic passing on April 24, 2024, and emphasized the earnest care provided by dedicated staff and a certified school nurse.

The decision to suspend school activities for a week was made to mourn the loss of the young pupil.

The school urged respect and dignity in commemorating Miguel, calling on all affected parties to allow medical professionals and law enforcement agencies to conclude their investigations, including conducting an autopsy.

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